Exponential Action

"Welcome to Exponential Action, your next step on a digital learning journey with WAVIA to make an impact.

In this self-paced course, you will collaborate with like-minded leaders to collectively learn about global challenges and solutions. You will create a mini impact project on one of six impact pathways, report on it to your peers, and give and receive feedback on your impact projects."


Module 1 - The Six Pathway to Impact

Become familiar with the six pathways to impact and learn about how others have successfully impacted global grand challenges. Choose a project to complete over the duration of this course.

Module 2 - Solve Future Grand Challenges

Begin to create an end state vision for a future where a grand challenge is solved. Ideate and consider a possible solution. Take An action to investigate further and /or refine your idea.

Module 3 - Action Path

Continue on your action path, collaborate with classmates that share your interests, and document your work in a project report to share with the class.

Module 4 - Explore Abundance Future Ideas

This week is dedicated to exploring the ideas your classmates have to create an abundant future. You'll learn new things and help each other on your paths to impact.


This course is the third of a three part transformational course series.

For best results, complete the courses as follows:

  1. Foundations of Exponential Thinking
  2. Practising Exponential Foresight
  3. Exponential Action