Practicing Exponential Foresight

In this self-paced course, you will collaborate with like-minded peers in hands-on, skill-building activities and learn practical foresight skills to impact your preferred future.

Examine trends, explore unknowns and practice looking at challenges with a new mindset - all in collaboration with a community of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Module 1 - See the Future Faster

Start to explore the process of foresight and begin to create anticipatory skills that will give you the ability to see the future faster and how you can make choices that share a better future.

Module 2 - Explore Your Biases & How they Impact Your Future Forecasting

Explore your biases and practice skills to differentiate facts and opinions. Use facts, knowns, and trends to cut through the fog to make educated guesses (forecasts) about the future.

Module 3 - Expand Your Forecast

Expand your forecast into a Future Wheel to visualise the implications of your preferred future in your area of interest and concern. You'll also review and discuss the future visions of your peers.

Module 4 - Create a Future Story

Further imagine your preferred future and create a future story to share with your colleagues. By imagining and sharing your future story - and experiencing your peers' future vision.


This course is the second of a three part transformational course series.

For best results, complete the courses as follows:

  1. Foundations of Exponential Thinking
  2. Practicing Exponential Foresight
  3. Exponential Action