Understanding Behavioural Transformation

In this self-paced course, you will identify techniques you can use to empower yourself and your organisation to create positive transformation geared for success.

Through the activities and resources, you will learn how personal and organisational archetypes can be used to understand and shift behavioural potential within your organisation. Over four modules, you will recognise the power of strategic narrative and experimental design and develop relevant ideas for supporting innovation.


Module 1 - Intro to Behavioural Transformation

Learn how and why our innate responses to change can present intractable barriers to organisational transformation. 

Module 2 - Strategic Narrative

Explore the behavioural science behind how narratives can build empathy and change opinions and behaviour. 

Module 3 - Mapping Archetypes

Learn how you can identify and apply psychology archetypes to understand and influence tendencies and inclinations in your organisation. 

Module 4 - Experimental Design

Explore the use of emerging tools, including neuroscience, to develop behavioural insights and learn how they can be applied to experimental design.