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New technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and digital biology are rapidly and dramatically reshaping the global business landscape. 

Find your trajectory to the future with the NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY:

  • Future-proof yourself and your organisation with learnings in Abundance Thinking, opportunity, innovation and mindset.  

  • Increase your awareness of exponential technologies and industry trends

  • Learn to identify and track disruptive trends and recognise opportunities for growth

  • Engage a framework to find innovative solutions to current and future challenges and act on them fast

  • Transform into an exponential leader who can quickly adapt to change and effectively innovate for future growth

Understand converging  technologies, the challenges they pose and be positioned to create new opportunities.  

Enrol in WAVIA's NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY and start your journey with us today.

What's Included?


1. The entire Transform Online Program:

Foundations of Exponential Thinking

Explore the latest advancements in exponential technology, learn how to think exponentially, and develop skills that will help you thrive in this innovative era.

Value: $AUD547 (incl. GST)

Practicing Exponential Foresight

Learn practical foresight skills to impact your preferred future. Explore new ways to look at challenges and collaborate with a global innovation ecosystem.

Value: $AUD547 (incl. GST)

Exponential Action

This set of moderated experiences will enable people interested in the Sustainable Development Goals to develop impact projects.

Value: $AUD547 (incl. GST)

Understanding Behavioural Transformation

Identify techniques you can use to empower yourself and your organisation to create positive transformation geared for exponential success.

Value: $AUD547 (incl. GST)


Be part of an exceptional community of like minded people who desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Engage, share and shape ideas as you progress through the incredible WAVIA content.

Together we achieve more! 

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3. Access All Areas!

  • All SingularityU Australia Summit 2019 talks - (Value $297)
  • All SingularityU COVID-19 Global Summit sessions
  • All Next:Food Virtual Summit sessions
  • The #afuturebydesign Webinar Series (binge-worthy!)
  • Technologies of the Future webinar series
  • All SUAU TV Update episodes
  • All The Future of Work Summit – Response | Recovery | Resilience sessions
  • Inspire for Impact Podcasts
  • Community Expert Articles from the SU global ecosystem
  • SingularityU Australia  - In The Media
  • Weekly newsletter subscription

Stay up to date and relevant with new content weekly.

Develop your abundance mindset, your understanding and readiness for the future and propel your career forward.

SingularityU COVID-19 Global Summit 

As a global ecosystem,  SingularityU has access to the world’s leading experts in health and medicine, technology, society, and impact.

Within weeks of the onset of the pandemic, the global community produced a cutting-edge 3 day virtual Summit that leveraged this brains trust. 

The Summit addressed concerns around COVID-19—as well as an overview of the impact of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics—in a measured and thoughtful way. 


#AFutureByDesign Webinar Series

The #aFutureByDesign Webinar Series, broadcast live online since 2019, provokes thought and discussion around transformational practices and global challenges.

Hear from leading experts in the fields of exponential technologies and the  Sustainable Development Goals.

As an  NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY member you'll gain access to all the shared insights from webinars both past and future.  This is binge-worthy viewing.


Join us live weekly for the most reliable information on developments in the economy, business, research and virology of Covid-19 and its impact globally and locally.

NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY members gain access to all previous recordings of the show. 

The Future of Work – Response | Recovery | Resilience

As companies around the world find themselves in unpredictable circumstances, many struggle to adapt.  However, there are those who have been able to settle and move on quickly.  

Dr. Joseph Allen, author of Healthy Buildings and Assistant Professor at the  T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard, defined 3 phases of these successful businesses - response, recovery and resilience. ‚Äč

Together with peers including Rick Fedrizzi, Rachel Gutter and Tim Oldman, these phases are examined in this series.

NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY members can future-ready themselves with these phenomenal insights.

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Inspire for Impact Podcasts 

Inspirational 5 point conversations with our community, start-ups, entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurial-minded people

Listen to experts talk about exponential technologies that are addressing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Community Expert Articles

From time to time members of our Global Community share articles with us exclusively for our membership.

WAVIA - In The Media 

NEXT LEVEL EXPONENTIAL COMMUNITY members are notified when WAVIA is featured in the media.  Be the first to know.

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